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Nikofan Omran Canada Inc. operates under the Commercial and institutional building construction, and Residential building construction industry. Under the management of Mr. Norouzicholcheh, the Subsidiary provides consulting services, project management, and general contracting services to residential and institutional building construction operations in the Town of Milliken, Ontario, Canada.


The subsidiary receives industry-related support from its parent company, Nikofan Omran Company. The Parent Company has a proven track record, having completed over 100 building construction projects. Nikofan Omran Company was established in 2008. With its extensive experience and expertise, the Parent Company serves as a valuable resource to the Subsidiary, providing guidance and assistance in its operations.


Construction Project Management

their experienced team provides end-to-end project management solutions, ensuring successful project execution. This includes meticulous planning and scheduling, effective budgeting and cost management, thorough risk assessment and management, as well as efficient project coordination and communication. The subsidiary prioritizes delivering projects on time, within budget, and to the highest quality standards.

Construction Estimation and Cost Consulting

The subsidiary assists clients in making informed decisions regarding their construction projects by providing comprehensive estimation and cost consulting services. Their team conducts detailed quantity takeoffs, offers value engineering options, manages bids and tenders, administers contracts, and handles claims and dispute resolution. he strives to optimize project costs while maintaining quality and client satisfaction.

Design and Engineering Consultancy

The subsidiary design and engineering experts offer innovative solutions to clients, including architectural design, structural engineering, and MEP design services. By leveraging advanced technologies such as building information modeling (BIM), the company ensures accurate and efficient design processes. Additionally, its sustainability and green building consulting services promote environmentally friendly and energy-efficient designs.

Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

Understanding the complexities of zoning, land use, and building codes is crucial in the construction industry. Their experts provide in-depth analysis and guidance on these matters, facilitating a smooth permitting process. They ensure that projects comply with relevant regulations and coordinate the acquisition of permits. Environmental impact assessments and health and safety compliance are also key aspects of their service offerings. Construction Inspection and Quality Assurance: To ensure that construction projects meet the highest quality standards, their dedicated inspection and quality assurance team conducts on-site inspections and supervision. he implements robust quality control measures, performs material testing, monitors project progress, and provides detailed reports. The subsidiary goal is to identify and address any deficiencies promptly, ensuring the successful completion of projects.

Residential Building Renovation

The Subsidiary offers management and consulting services and construction services to building owners, estate mangers, government agencies, and non-government organizations related to historical sites and buildings. The Subsidiary specializes in the renovation of historical buildings, drawing upon its expertise in preserving and enhancing the unique character and historical significance of these structures. Their team of skilled craftsmen and restoration experts possesses a deep understanding of historical construction techniques, materials, and architectural styles. They meticulously restore and repair elements of the building, such as facades, decorative features, and structural components, while paying close attention to maintaining historical authenticity. The Subsidiary's goal is to breathe new life into historical buildings, ensuring their longevity and preserving their cultural heritage.

Restoration of Historical Features

As part of its services, the Subsidiary focuses on the restoration of historical features and elements that define the unique charm and character of a building. This includes restoring intricate details, ornamental work, windows, doors, and other architectural elements to their original splendor. Their team employs specialized techniques and craftsmanship to repair and replicate historical features, ensuring the preservation of the building's unique identity and architectural integrity. By reviving these features, the Subsidiary aims to honor the past while enhancing the building's aesthetics and value.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Consulting

As sustainability becomes increasingly important, the subsidiary provides consulting services to promote environmentally conscious building practices. their expertise includes LEED certification consulting, energy modeling and analysis, integration of renewable energy sources, selection of sustainable building materials, and life cycle assessment. The company strives to create buildings that are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and in line with sustainable development goals. Nikofan Omran Canada Inc. is committed to delivering exceptional service in each of these areas, tailoring its expertise to meet the unique requirements of clients in Milliken, Ontario. The subsidiary leverages industry experience, advanced technologies, and a customer-centric approach to ensure the success of construction projects and the satisfaction of valued clients.

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