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Nikofan Omran Canada Inc. operates under the Commercial and institutional building construction, and Residential building construction industry. Under the management of Mr. Norouzicholcheh, the Subsidiary provides consulting services, project management, and general contracting services to residential and institutional building construction operations in the Town of Milliken, Ontario, Canada.

The subsidiary receives industry-related support from its parent company, Nikofan Omran Company. The Parent Company has a proven track record, having completed over 100 building construction projects. Nikofan Omran Company was established in 2008. With its extensive experience and expertise, the Parent Company serves as a valuable resource to the Subsidiary, providing guidance and assistance in its operations.

Brick by brick, we make it stick.

the Subsidiary is dedicated to introducing and establishing its brand within the Canadian market. As part of its strategic initiatives, the Subsidiary establishes a consultancy firm that offers a comprehensive range of consultancy and construction management services to commercial and residential companies in the Town of Milliken, Ontario.
For residential building construction, Nikofan Omran Canada Inc. assists homeowners, real estate developers, and contractors in navigating the complexities of the construction process. The company offers services such as project planning and management, cost estimation, feasibility studies, site analysis, and building code compliance assessments. Their expertise ensures that residential projects are executed smoothly, efficiently, and in compliance with industry standards.

Mr. Norouzicholcheh
/ Executive Director

Mr. Norouzicholcheh spearheads the establishment of the Subsidiary’s operations in Canada as the Executive Director, leveraging his over 12 years of work experience in the construction industry in Iran. Mr. Norouzicholcheh obtained his Master of Architecture, from Islamic Azad University, Shahrekord in Iran. With his years of working experience, Mr. Norouzicholcheh has proven, on multiple occasions, his interpersonal skills. Mr. Norouzicholcheh started his career in 2010 as a technical expert at Arshin Kooh company, located in Shahrekord, Iran. From 2012 he was working at Tavoni Maskan Mehr Reza company in Shahrekord as a Project control specialist.
In 2012 he started to work as a project manager at bank mehr Shahre Kord. Mr. Norouzicholcheh from 2012 to 2017 worked as a Technical office expert and in 2017 he was promoted as Technical and Construction Manager and Vice-chairman of the board of directors in the Nikofan Omran Co in Shahrekord, Iran.
A turning point in his illustrious career occurred in 2017 when Mr. Norouzicholcheh was appointed as Technical office expert, rising to Technical and Construction Manager Vice-chairman of the Board of Directors at Nikofan Omran Co, Shahrekord. In this esteemed role, he masterfully navigated all technical facets of building construction projects, orchestrating design, engineering, and construction management with a keen eye on compliance with industry standards and regulations.